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Acer is a Taiwanese multinational brand who specializes in manufacturing hardware and electronics corporation with an advanced electronics technology. Acer’s products include desktop PCs, laptop PCs, tablets, servers, storage devices, virtual reality devices, displays, smartphones, and peripherals. This company also sells gaming PCs and accessories under a sub-brand.

Acer implemented a new business model while performing the production process. It was the sixth largest computer vendor across the globe. With the new business entity, it focuses on the integration of cloud services and platforms and the developments of smartphones and wearable devices.

24*7 Online Remote Support for Acer Devices is available:

If you are relying on your laptop for work, at some point time you will face specific problems. The issues that you will encounter with your laptop can be sorted. However, severe damages to a laptop can only be repaired by professional laptop shops or by manufacturers whereas some cases it can also be rectified by a couple of manual tweaks. Below are some issues that are common to laptop users. Here are few suggestions may help you to maintain your laptop properly.

The Laptop is not Charging: When your laptop is not charging you need to adjust the AC adapter plug.  It mainly occurs for battery failure. For a quick solution, you need to take out the battery and put it back in. In case it does not work you may need to replace the battery with a new one.

Sudden Shutdowns: It is one of the scary issues, and it eventually occurs for overheating. In this case, you can fix this issue by opening your laptop and cleaning everything in it. Dust is a primary cause of overheating, especially if it clogs the fans and heat sink. So, start dusting everything to get the cooling system back into shape.

Blank Screen:  When suddenly a blank screen appears on your laptop, or it starts restarting on itself then there is a high chance of having a broken motherboard or memory.

If it is a memory failure, try removing all the modules first.  Now place one module at a time and turn on your device. If it still does not work then one of the memory modules is broken and needs to be replaced. However, after replacing the memory, the issue persists then motherboard needs to be replaced.

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