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Acer is one of the largest producers of electronics and hardware business. The company engages in manufacturing computers for household and business purposes. Despite manufacturing best in class products, users often face technical glitches while using Acer laptops. Most commonly, Acer users come up with problems in their motherboard, overheating, capacitor and ram related matters.


While playing games on a laptop, the most common problems faced by the users are listed below:

  • Excessive lagging while playing a game online

Online lag seems very frustrating while playing a game online and for the uninitiated, it is a tough issue. Lagging is mostly because of the slow speed of internet connection. In case you encounter the same, check if there are any downloads including video streams active while playing a game. Turn off the downloading and then start your game again

  • Temporary freezing and hanging of laptop

Most of the games usually run smoothly on laptops than on any other platforms. This is mostly the result of a bottleneck in the performance of a computer. Try to check the laptop’s ram, video ram, processor and hard drive to meet the developer’s recommended specifications. Upgrade the specifications if they do not match the developer’s recommended specifications.

  • Screen tearing while playing a game online

Screen tearing is a visual artifact that occurs when the frames shown in a game appears to split from top and bottom half. The split may also occur three to four times in very severe cases. This issue mostly occurs because of an extensive performance of your machine. The most effective fix is in-game settings called V-sync locks the output of the game to a certain maximum (mostly 60 frames per second). You can also fix the problem by purchasing a monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate.

We also solve other problems faced by Acer laptops users

  • Issues related to Acer computers and laptops
  • Installing and setting up the driver successfully
  • Facing operating system error in Acer computers and laptops
  • Installing antivirus on your machine with product key activation
  • Removal assistance and virus scan for your Acer
  • Connection and problem in networking
  • Low ram and bad performance of the system


Our support desk has an excellent reputation for gaining highest success rate in the customer support service industry. Call us at the Acer Gaming laptop repair service phone number now to get the necessary service that your machine requires. The support services provided by us are given below:

  • Instant reply to tech support calls
  • The highest rate of success for errors troubleshooting
  • A solution for all Acer problems at one place
  • Instant support for any Acer related issues
  • Advanced tools and technologies are used
  • The highest percentage of satisfaction among customers

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Our highly experienced Acer Gaming Laptop Support team is highly skilled and never fails to look into the root cause of your laptop issue. Our team of tech experts consists of consultants who have necessary technical solution to correct the settings to solve your device’s issue. Call us whenever you face any problem with your Acer laptop. Our tech experts are always there to help you out of your situation.


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