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Is your Laptop not staying charged for long hours when unplugged? Is your Laptop is getting overheated frequently? Is your Laptop getting restarted automatically? Can you find a Red X sign on the Battery icon on your Laptop screen? Finally, do you use Acer laptop?

All of these problems mentioned above are the symptoms of Laptop Battery Damage, and you can be assured that your Laptop Battery needs to be changed very soon. If you are an Acer user, then your burden will be lowered by our Acer Laptop battery Repair Service.

Acre Laptops are manufactured by a Japanese multinational company named, Acer Inc. It was founded in 1976 and was called Multi-tech in the beginning. Then it got renamed as Acer in the year of 1987. From then Acre Laptops has developed multiple laptop versions under its wing. Some of the simplified Acer laptop versions are Chrome Book, Aspire, Ferrari, Iconia, predator, Extensa, Spin 1 etc.

Laptop battery damage is a serious issue as it will directly hamper the performance of your laptop. Because the battery is the heart of any Laptop and if a battery is dead, your Laptop is also gone. So, repairing or replacing your dead Laptop battery becomes very important to continue using your Laptop.

Acer Laptop Battery Repair Service will ensure that you enjoy using your Acer Laptop without any hamper. Only you need to take the pain to give us a single call at [    ]. You will get the best solution from us.

Factors Behind Acer Laptop Battery Damage:-

There are many reasons for which your Laptop Battery stops performing or dies eventually. Few elements are as follows-

  • Laptop’s Battery Saver Mode is not activated.
  • A lot of unused devices and applications kept on running mode on your Laptop.
  • Laptop’s Screen Brightness, Contrast and Screen Resolution is not adjusted and kept on the higher side.

There can be many other reasons also for Laptop Battery Damage. Acre Laptop Battery Repair Service will fix them all. You can trust us entirely for maintaining your laptop’s health. We will never let you down.

Necessary Procedure to Repair Acer Laptop Battery:-

  • At first disconnect the battery from your Laptop
  • Then dismantle the Battery components
  • Then you may find 6-8 cells connected to a circuit board
  • Find out the contact point of the circuits
  • Use a more power welding tool to separate cells from the wires
  • Then weld the new cells together
  • Then put the new cells into a case, and weld back the cables and cells
  • Then keep it in resting condition for around 48 hours
  • Then insert your new battery into your Laptop and start reusing it

We know that the steps mentioned above are not simple and everyone will not be able to apply these steps on their laptops. Relax! Acer laptop Battery Repair Service is waiting for your call to help you out.

Reach us by Calling at +1-888-619-0842 Acer Laptop Battery Repair Services:

You can reach us anytime by calling us at +1-888-619-0842 and we will repair your Damaged Acer Laptop Battery. We will either collect your damage battery and fix it and send it back to you. Or we will replace your old damaged battery with a new one at the cost of around $60-$70. Repairing battery might be little expensive.


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